Nasty Gal Brings Back '90s Chanel For The Holidays

If you happen to have $4,000 lying around but can't decide what to spend it on, boy do I have news for you: Nasty Gal has released a vintage Chanel collection, consisting of a line of bags, accessories, and clothing. Standout pieces include that famous microkini worn first by Stella Tennant in 1996, and more recently by Miranda Kerr (though the piece was modernized, AKA less skimpy than the original) for a '90s throwback shoot with British fashion magazine i-D. Also included is a snowboard — complete with bindings — and, my personal favorite, this gloriously late '80s/early '90s velvet waist bag which is certainly not a fanny pack. Come on, let's admit it: fanny packs are super handy and totally deserve to come back into fashion

With the revival of '80s and '90s fashion, it's fantastic that collections like this one exist to give fans of vintage clothing the opportunity to purchase designer pieces. Even Vogue editor Franca Sozzani admits that fashion is cyclical in nature, and the trends that are out one day will be in the next. So while spending a cool $1,950 on that fanny pack — sorry, waist bag— I mentioned above would have been more ridiculous than this GIF is cute fifteen years ago, it seems totally reasonable today, because fanny packs are in, darn it. Though even I, a fanny pack aficionado, would be hard pressed to justify spending that much on a bag when I could buy this bodycon mermaid gown instead, which speaks even more completely to my fashion fetishes.


1992 Versace Leopard Denim, $1,800, archivevintage.com

According to the about page, Archive specializes in designer pieces from the '60s-'90s. The prices? Totally reasonable for gems like this Versace leopard print denim set from 1992.

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