Have you ever wanted a wardrobe like Rihanna? MOJEH spills her secrets…

Rihanna has the most exciting pregnancy wardrobe of all time. Yes, we know she only unveiled her pregnancy this month and has been seen out just a handful of times, but we’re calling it now. Rihanna debuted her baby bump in an achingly cool announcement in which she wore a fuchsia Chanel A/W 1996 coat, low-rise jeans and vintage jewels courtesy of the Christian Lacroix archive.

The kaleidoscopic piece was sourced by Archive Vintage founder and curator Kerry Bonnell, who purchased the item in auction specifically for Rihanna. Archive Vintage also supplied the flame-print 1994 Todd Oldham dress she wore last year and, just last month, a rare 1980 Jean Paul Gaultier parka. Established in 2006, the boutique has become one of the go-to destinations for collectors and sellers alike, featuring designers from Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel to Dior.

Vintage platforms Shrimpton Couture and Nina Gabbana Vintage are also frequented by the style set to source one-of-a-kind pieces from deep within designers’ archives. The reemergence of nineties fashion trends and emphasis on sustainability has prompted shoppers to turn to vintage boutiques and, with Rihanna as your style guide, could you ever be lead astray?

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