If there's one thing to glean from Rihanna's recent off-duty looks, it's that an exclusive vintage moment can be even more powerful than a current look pulled straight from the runway.


"She mixes new with vintage effortlessly," wrote Balch on Instagram, who shared that Dallas-based stylist Nini Nguyen originally pulled the look for RiRi. "I love that she can pull something out of her closet she's had for ages and make it look fresher then what's on some of the current runways."

The mix of in-season items and archive runway looks is not new territory for Rihanna, but lately she's been on a hot streak of incorporating young emerging designers alongside the rare vintage finds from historic fashion houses. Take the aforementioned Chanel ensemble, which she paired with a powder blue cotton-blend set from LA-based designer (and Kanye protégé) Maisie Wilen. Or the Mowalola top she wore last month at Giorgio Baldi with a leopard Dries van Noten coat and Spring 1994 Todd Oldham flame-print dress that she wore as a skirt (which she bought from Kerry Bonnell's Archive Vintage).

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