RUSSH // The vintage sellers celebrities always return to

The vintage sellers celebrities always return to


There once was a time when you could only secure vintage designer pieces through the wardrobe of a very fabulous aunt or an extremely lucky thrift shop find. Before the internet, ecommerce, TheRealReal, and all of the other tools we currently use to swiftly secure rare vintage designer finds, it was always up to the individual and a very good hunt. Oh how times have rapidly changed, and along with it, a collective love for vintage has grown amongst us regular folk and somebodies alike. With the sudden onslaught of Y2K revival and not-so-sudden obsession for anything 90s, celebrity stylists are increasingly tasked with finding the stores hawking rare vintage and archival pieces for red carpet appearances and every day street style.


Naturally, there have been triumphs and disasters when it comes to re-wearing archival pieces, especially when they carry certain cultural significance (one only needs to google what a certain Kardashian wore to this years Met Gala to know the reference). But love it or hate it, clothes are made to be worn, enjoyed, and appreciated, and 90% of the time, this becomes the case when archival and historic fashion pieces are treated ethically and carefully. Of course, it's the 1% who are wearing Dior by Yves Saint Laurent to a Gala, and the rest of us are just on the hunt for the perfect Fendi slip skirt to get us through summer. Either way, there are certain vintage sellers who do both so well that they have a roster of famous names topped up with some of fashion's most special archival pieces, so below, are our favourite celebrity-approved vintage stores worth checking out.

With a client list of Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, Paloma Elsesser, Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner, Archive's Kerry Bonnell launched her vintage platform in 2006, and has grown it immensely since. If you've ever seen our lord and saviour Rihanna wearing an iconic vintage piece, it likely came from Archive.

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