Giorgio di Sant Angelo.

At the age of 19, Giorgio di Sant'Angelo ventured to Europe to work as a studio apprentice under the remarkable Pablo Picasso.  After a three-month run, Picasso urged Sant'Angelo to explore his innate creative ability through new artistic ventures... so, Sant'Angelo did just that.  Upon his move to New York he briefly apprenticed at Walt Disney Studios, however quit when he felt his creativity was being stifled.  Sant'Angelo then experimented with interior and jewelry design.  His jewelry, which was made of Lucite, sparked the interest of legendary Vogue editor Dana Vreeland.  Vreeland, truly intrigued by Sant'Angelo's talent, persuaded jewelry manufacturer Richelieu to produce his pieces, and hired Sant'Angelo as a Vogue stylist.  His work  for Vogue resulted in some of their most renown photo shoots... including Twiggy with a flower painted on her cheek and Veruschka tied up in fabric in the Painted Desert.

The success of Sant'Angelo's 1968 debut collection led him to become one of of the brightest fashion stars of the 1970's... he fancied bright color, flowing fabric, fringes and comfort, proclaiming on repeated occasion that his clothes were about freedom.  He was inspired by hippie, gypsy and ethnic fashions, but brought modern touches to them.  Perhaps best said by the designer himself...

"To me, soul means freedom and inner confidence.  I express it in happy, bright colors, and in simplicity of design."  Giorgio di Sant'Angelo.

Giorgio di Sant'Angelo pieces at A R C H I V E :

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